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Air Travel Security Websites

Air Travel in the United States.  Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Air Travel - Prohibited Items.  Transportation Security Administration.

AirSafe.com.  Airline Accident and Airline Safety and Security Information for Passengers and Aviation Professionals. Check out where the safe seats are on an airplane.

Air Safety Online. Everything for a safe and comfortable trip.

Air Security International, L.P.

Air Travel Tips.  Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Airline Pilots Security Alliance.

Airline Security.  International Air Transport Association (IATA).


Aviation Security International.

Aviation Security News by Homeland Security Watch.

Airline Security.  International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Air Safety Online.

Aviation Safety and Security.  Aviation Consumer Protection Division, Department of Transportation.

Citizens for Aviation Security.

Civil Air Patrol Homeland Security.

Federal Aviation Administration.

Transport Security Information.  National Transportation Library, Department of Transportation.

Screeners Central.  TSA Screeners website (unofficial).

Security Awareness and Air Travel.  Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Aviation Security Training

Spranza International.
    "Consultants in Civil Aviation Security"
POB 26047, Tamarac, Florida 33320
    (954) 822-0941

Air Travel Resources

AirGuideOnline.  A Source for Global Air Travel.

Airline Websites and 1-800 Phone #'s.  Independent Traveler.com.

AirMed International.

Directory of Domestic Airlines.  USA Today Travel.

Airline Links.  FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center.

SeatGuru.com.  "Your Enlightened Guide to Airline Seating".

SeatExpert.com.  "Choose Your Own Seat".

Travel Tips & Publications.  Aviation Consumer Protection Division, Department of Transportation.

USA Today Travel Flight Tracker.

FAA Air Traffic Control System Command Center.  Check out general airport conditions for you airport.

AeroCare.  Worldwide Air Ambulance Service.

Air Safety and Travel News

Air Safety Online News.

Air Travel News - USA Today.

Aviation Industry News.  Airliners.net.

Aviation Safety Network News.

Aviation Security News - Washington Post.

Aviation Week's Homeland Security & Defense News.

Air Travel Safety and Security Tips

Top 10 Safety Tips for Children Traveling Alone.  AirSafe.com.

Air Travel Security Regulations.  Traveling with photography equipment.  American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).

Airport VIP Lounge Programs

"Priority Pass".  An independent program with over 400 airport lounges worldwide.

Aviation Security

"Aviation Security: Further Steps Needed to Strengthen the Security of Commercial Airport Perimeters and Access Controls".  GAO Report.  June 2004.  (Acrobat Reader PDF document).

Aviation Threats and Terrorism

Threat from Surface-to-Air Missiles.  Electronic Warfare & Information Operations Association.

"Airline Security", Terrorism: Questions & Answers, Council on Foreign Relations.

News Articles about Air Safety and Security

February 11, 2013. "Airline Industry at Its Safest Since the Dawn of the Jet Age". The New York Times.

July 2011.  "Addressing Passenger Risk Uncertainty for Aviation Security Screening".  By Adrian J. Lee and Sheldon H. Jacobson, Transportation Science Magazine.

July 18, 2007. "Safest Seat on a Plane: PM Investigates How to Survive a Crash". Popular Mechanics. Hint: got to the back of the plane.

April 19, 2006.  "DHS to look at alternatives to defend jets from missiles".  GovExec.com.

November 22, 2005.  "Fact Sheet on Containing the Threat from Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)".  U.S. Department of State.

June 7, 2004.  "Fatal fire hazards find hiding places inside planes".  USA Today Nation.

December 24, 2003.  "Foreign airlines checked for terror risks".  USA Today Travel.

December 23, 2003.  "Airports to fingerprint foreign visitors".  USA Today Travel.

December 21, 2003.  "Tips for Airplane Passengers Under Elevated Terror Alert".  Associated Press.

September 24, 2003.  "Safer Flights for Passengers".  Unsecure cargo on passenger flights still a concern.  The Christian Science Monitor.

September 19, 2003.  "Homeland Security launches effort to counter shoulder-fired missile threat".  GovExec.com.

April 27, 2003.  "His Quest:  A Safe (and Efficient) Airport".  New York Times.




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