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Information Links for Personal Security

Personal Safety and Awareness Workbook.  The Center for Global Education. A comprehensive self-study online course (Free) that provides instruction on how to live, work and travel overseas safely.

Pre-Departure Health Training Handbook.  The Center for Global Education.

"Refuse To Be A Victim".  National Rifle Association Training Program.  A listing of seminar schedules.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.  Enpowering consumers and protecting privacy.

Safety & Security Tips.  American Woman Road & Travel.

NY Safe & Secure.  A security training program developed by the real estate industry and law enforcement agencies to raise the level of safety and security in New York City.

Personal Security for the Novice.  For the average person interested in making their daily life a little safer.

Blog on Personal Security.  Aegis LLC.  A blog by the owner of a firm that provides personal security training for government, corporate, and individual clients.

Books on Personal Security.  A comprehensive listing of books on personal security, personal security training, VIP and Executive Protection, home security, vehicle security, and identity theft.  Book Store by Personal Security Concepts, Inc. in association with Amazon.com.

Personal Security Training.  Firms offering training in personal security and anti-terrorism.

Blogs about Personal Security.  A listing of blogs and journals about personal security and anti-terrorism.








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