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Security for Women Who Travel

Travel Guide For Women Traveling Alone: Security & Safety.  Consumer Guides.

Safety & Security While Traveling.  Road & Travel Magazine.

Personal Safety for Women Traveling Abroad on Business.  Women in Technology International (WITI).

Personal Safety for Female Travelers.  The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Campus Security on Colleges and Universities

Safety Tips & Products.  Queen's University Campus Security.

Campus Security.  U.S. Department of Education.

Clery Center for Security on Campus. Working for Safer Campuses Nationwide.

Campus Safety Tips & Evaluation Brochure.  Security On Campus, Inc.

Rape Avoidance

Information on Rape Protection. Women's Self-Defense Institute.

Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment (AWARE).

RAD for Women. The Rape Agression Defense System for women is a program that teaches self-defense tactics and techniques. It is a comprehensive course for women that beings with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance and progresses to the basics of hands-on defense training. Many colleges, such as the University of Pennsylvania, have established these courses as part of their campus safety program.

Publications about Security for Women

"Rape Response Handbook".  The Center for Global Education. 

Books About Security and Self Defense for Women.


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Home > Personal Security > Security for Women

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