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Vehicle Security Information

SecurityDriver.com.  Tony Scotti's Drivers Website.

"Street Smarts: The Knowledge Center for Vehicle Security".  Lojack Corporation.

Vehicle Safety & Security Tips.  American Woman Road & Travel.

Security & Anti-Terrorism Driving Schools

Directory Listing of Security, Evasive, Police and Anti-terrorism Driving Schools

Armored Vehicle Rental or Purchase

SecureCar Worldwide.


Armored Solutions, Inc.

Armet Armored Vehicles.

Alpine Armoring Inc.

International Armoring Corporation.

Vehicle Safety Equipment

"Run Flat Tires: A New Standard Rising".  MSN Autos - News and Advice.  In-depth online article about "Run Flat" tires and car models that are equipped with these tires.

Telematic Safety Service

Mercedes-Benz TeleAid System

General Motors OnStar System.

Vehicle Security Equipment

PROTECH Armored Vehicle Systems.  Vehicle armor systems for passenger and specialty vehicles.

Delta Vehicle Security.  Car Alarm Products.

LoJack Car Security System.

Automobile Safety - Government

Governors Highway Safety Association.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Department of Transportation, U.S.

Automobile Safety - Private Sector

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

American Automobile Association Traffic Safety.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute.

National Crash Analysis Center.

Motorists' Safety Information Bureau.

Vehicle Security & Safety Web Resources

"Carjacking".  Article by the "Crime Doctor".

"Driving Tips".  Traveler's Resource Center, The Independent Traveler.

"The First 10 (and 15) Seconds of Your Car Rental".  Car Rental Tips. Traveler's Ed, The Independent Traveler.

Autosite.  Look up vehicle safety ratings.

"How To Read a Tire".  Handyman USA.

Vehicle Security News Articles

February 2, 2005.  "Study: Cell phone use ages young drivers".  USA Today Tech.

February 2, 2005.  "Force Protection, Inc. to Provide Armored Vehicle for Transport by Blackwater USA".  Business Wire.

December 30, 2004.  "Private firms seek more vehicle-armor sales".  At odds with government statements saying firms are at "full-capacity".  International Herald Tribune.

December 27, 2004.  "Driving safely in dangerous locales".  Local man teaches clients how to navigate in risky areas.  The Union.

December 27, 2004.  "30 million cars now record drivers' behavior".  USA Today Tech.

December 9, 2004.  "GPS used to track teens' driving".  USA Today Tech Products.

December 8, 2004.  "Armored Humvees, Tactics Address IED Threats".  American Forces Information Service.

November 18, 2004.  "Global auto-safety standard OK'd".  USA Today Cars.

October 2, 2004.  "Safety challenge: cars leaving roads".  Kennebec Journal Online.

September 24, 2004.  "Armor Holdings to Provide Heavy Truck Armor Kits to US Army".  SpaceWar.com.

September 22, 2004.  "Highway Watch and Con-Way Transportation Services to Team up for Highway Safety and Security".  Business Wire.

September 17, 2004.  "Highway Watch program gets $21 million grant".  The Trucker.

September 17, 2004.  "Record 80% buckle seat belts in 2004".  USA Today Nation.

September 16, 2004.  "NHTSA plan calls for monitors in wheels."  USA Today.

August 12, 2004.  "Safety gadgets on cars help cut fatalities on the nation's roads".  The Christian Science Monitor.

August 10, 2004.  "U.S. roads safer".  Chart of traffic deaths by state for 2002 and 2003.  US Today Money.

August 10, 2004.  "Seat belts, sobriety laws send road death rate to record low".  USA Today Cars.

August 8, 2004.  "Drivers let Big Brother in to get a break".  USA Today.

June 7, 2004.  "The Tech Lane: X-ray eyes uncover the peril within".  Scans for explosives in vehicles.  International Herald Tribune.

May 4, 2004.  "GPS system leads police to car despite thieves' efforts".  USA Today Tech.

April 28, 2004.  "Highway Deaths Hit 13-Year High in 2003".  Yahoo! News.

December 9, 2003.  "Limo services save with spy cams".  USA Today Tech.

November 26, 2003.  "Car Safety Gear Can Pose Threat to Rescuers".  The Washington Post.

November 4, 2003.  "Winter Car Care and Driving Tips; Save Money, Energy, and Help the Environment".  Business Wire.

June 22, 2004.  "Drivers Train for Iraq on Pa. Racetrack".  InsideBaltimore.com.

October 9, 2003.  " SAIC Launches New Generation Navigation Service".  Voice-enables, personal navigation system.  SAIC.

September 24, 2003.  "Driving Distracted".  The Christian Science Monitor.

July 14, 2003.  "In homeland-security era, a market for bulletproof cars".  The Christian Science Monitor.

March 28, 2003.  "Armored Car: The New Status Symbol?"  CBS News.com.


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